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I am seeking a position as a full-stack website developer. I currently reside in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. I am currently enrolled in the Flatiron School online Software Engineering program. You can check out my blog here.

Code Snippets

Portfolio Website

You can view the source code for this portfolio website at its GitHub repository here. This site was built using HTML, CSS, CSS animations, and Prism.js.

Screenshot of portfolio webite

  puts "Enter a number"

  number = gets.to_i

  def ordinal(number)
    final_digit = number % 10
    if number >= 11 && number <= 13
      return "th"
    elsif final_digit == 1
      return "st"
    elsif final_digit == 2
      return "nd"
    elsif final_digit == 3
      return "rd"
      return "th"

  puts "That's the #{number}#{ordinal(number)} item!"

Ordinal Challenge

This ruby program will convert a plain number to the ordinal of the number. So for example, if the user enters 2, it will display 2nd, if the user enters 3, it will display 3rd, etc.


This ruby program is an adaptation of a classic technical interview problem which displays sequences of the Foobar pattern.

puts "Welcome to the Foobar game!"
  puts "How many items do you want to see?"
  item_count = gets.chomp

  def divisible_by_3(number)
      number % 3

  def divisible_by_5(number)
      number % 5

  def divisible_by_3_and_5(number)
      number % 15

  n = 1
  while n <= item_count.to_i
      if divisible_by_3_and_5(n) == 0
      puts "Foobar"
      elsif divisible_by_3(n) == 0
      puts "Foo"
      elsif divisible_by_5(n) == 0
      puts "Bar"
      puts n
      n += 1

Skills & Tools

I have developed proficiency and experience using the following programming languages and comfort with the following tools.

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I am currently entertaining new opportunities, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please get in touch via email:


You can also check out my LinkedIn and GitHub pages by clicking on the icons below.

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